Courses EN


Beginner Lesson

In each unit, you can learn simple grammar, conversation, phonics, and pronunciation. There will be useful “phrase of the day” at the end of every unit.
You can learn how to greet in English, how to talk with others using simple expressions.
Common settings are in your neighborhood, at the airport, in the flight, on shopping, and at the school.
Teachers are interesting people that you will enjoy having a conversation with.
You, as our students, will be treated as individuals, designing your English course for
your exact needs.

DES can help you achieve your English goal!

Intermediate Lessons

We carefully structure our original curriculum to tailor your needs. In each unit you can learn a little more advanced grammar, phonics and reading.
Pronunciation can be learned by conversing with native speakers. The conversation to be learned that includes a useful ‘phrase of the day’ at the end of each unit can help you improve your conversational skill.
Teachers may give you homework via email about your current lesson. However, the comments and corrections will not be discussed during the class. The homework will only be checked by the teachers and will be sent back to you for self-review.

We will help you build your confidence; make you become fluent in English communication; and help you succeed in reaching your goal!

Advance Lesson

We carefully structured our curriculum to tailor your needs.
In this course, you will learn more advanced grammar and American idioms. And we have time for free talk/conversation (may be based on a book, a story or “anything under the sun”).
The last few minutes of the class will be used to bring up and correct errors on grammar or vocabulary you might have made all throughout the free talk session.

Business English Lesson

Currently, English skill is essential for international business settings.
Even beginners need to learn the following:

  • How to introduce yourself and how to introduce others
  • How to talk on the phone
  • How to conduct and how to participate in business meetings
  • How to make email messages, fax, and letters

More advanced classes include the following: 

  • How to lead business meetings
  • How to talk about international trade over the telephone
  • How to deal with complaints
  • How to give persuasive presentations
  • How to negotiate
  • How to write business correspondence letters

DES uses our original curriculum to tailor our lessons according to your needs.
We will help you build your confidence, make you become fluent in English communication, and help you succeed in reaching your goal!