How it works EN

Procedure of how to use DES video chat (Class Room)

        1. Go to website
        2. Click on the tab “Login/Register”

3. If you are a new user, below the box, click the word “register”
4. On the box that will appear next, type your desired user name and existing email address.

5. If you have registered successfully, this message will appear on top of the box: “Registration complete. Please check your e-mail.”
6. Go check your email to get your username and password. If you do not receive it in your inbox, check the spam box.
7. Go back to and login using the username and password you received in your E-mail. (You can change your password if you wish to, just go to My Account/Edit Profile/New Password)
8. The website will direct you to the Profile Page.

9. Click the “DES” tab on the upper left corner of the page and you will be directed to Home.

10. Click the “Class Room” page and you will be directed to join a class

11. When you see the box “Login as a guess,” click “Connect me to the chat”.
12. List of classrooms will be seen. Double-click the class where you will join. (DES team will provide room for you and your password).
13. Click on the words “Start your Cam & Mic” to let your teacher see you.
14. To view your English teacher, double-click his/her name from the list of online people in the room and choose “Watch his/her AV stream” from the list.
15. Now we can see and talk to each other.
16. WELCOME to!

How registered member log-in to DES website?

  1. Click ‘Class Room’ page
  2. Click ‘go to the sign in page ‘ and follow the instruction given.

What’s the difference between standard and premium rates?

You can’t choose your teacher for the standard rate option. DES will assign a teacher for you.
Mostlikely, DES will assign a certified Filipino teacher for you.
In the premium rate option, you can choose your native English speaker or bi-lingual teacher.

How can I pay my lessons?

1. PayPal (You can use your credit card to  pay by PayPal).
DES PayPal account:

Link to Paypal website:

2. Bank to bank. Pay directly to DES bank account.
Bank Name: Mizuho
Branch Name: Kamagaya
Branch No: 326
Account No: 1942428

If you need further information, please contact DES at